March 30, 2020

Excellent Opt-in Promotions for Traffic Exchange Sites

First off, putting up a page on traffic exchange websites is a good way to test out how well your advertisement does before paying for pay-per-click ads from search engines.

Traffic exchange advertisements have a lot in common with pay-per-click ads. In a typical session, websites are displayed for 20-30 seconds, and viewing each website in turn gives traffic exchange you credits, which you use to promote your own website. Traffic exchange ratios such as 2:1 mean that viewing 2 websites.

earn you enough credits to advertise your webpage once. A long webpage that takes at least 5 seconds to load is definitely not good to attract prospects, nor is a webpage full of banners and text advertisements. Viewers only want to glance through webpages before the 20 seconds are up and they surf on to the next webpage.

The next question is, should you put up a product for sale? People don’t like being sold to, and they need time to read through the benefits of a product. Its much too long for them to do in a short 20 seconds. So the best things to do for a traffic exchange site is to capture leads or write a compelling headline to attract propects to read later.

There is a term for pages which load fast, and get responsive prospects: splash pages. A typical splash page has a headline, an image, and a link to click for more information. The message is clear, to-the-point and effective. Even the image sets the tone as to what audience the Advertisement is targeted to.

Remember this rule of thumb:

“the best headlines qualify your prospect in 6 seconds or less.”

To be effective in attracting prospects, we need to think out of the box to create our promotional splash pages. Not just any ordinary splash pages that everyone uses, but what I like to term creatively-self-made splash pages (or CSPs for short).

Your CSP promotes your USP! That means your unique selling point. Put a unique, personal twist to your message. Your aim is to get your message across in 20 to 30 seconds. Here’s an example of a splash page I use to promote a free but valuable download:

Other headlines or catch phrases might go something like:

“Be different this Christmas, make more money than you spend”

“Had enough of heaps of marketing guides? Here’s an integrated low-cost solution that works.”

Lastly, check out the website below for a list of cliches / popular sayings that would come in useful:

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