July 4, 2020

Experience in a Job Offer

If a problem is observed in this context, apparently there is no direct connection to customer satisfaction.

For the same problem, a sensei sees the situation differently:

“When the robot breaks down, the line stops, we cannot produce the parts in time, hence we have to work overtime to meet our demand, to send the parts in time to our clients”.

This means that even productions lines are meant to serve clients because companies EXIST to serve their clients. Hence, every process, activity, department in a business is meant to ¬†oferty pracy¬† contribute to clients’ satisfaction, directly or indirectly.

4. Establish a meeting. At this point you just have to search who the CEO is, the board director or the manager responsible in the field, department you want to work. You always aim to go to decision makers because they have the power to hire you and because they understand the importance, the impact of your thinking on their company.

Thus, when you write them to set a meeting, you will present yourself as client that noticed an opportunity to improve their services. Presenting yourself as client, it is much more powerful than if you asked for an interview. This is because clients are the most important thing to a company because they SPEND their money on products and because of their subjective experience they have that CEOs cannot perceive, but want to know about. mangastream

If you ask for an interview, it is perceived as if you want to TAKE something from them (money – your salary) and not necessarily to add value to their business which is not necessarily true, but I explain in one of my articles “The Gap between your idea and a job offer” why the traditional approach is not the best way for getting a job.

So, it is about the psychology, about the meaning of being CLIENT versus JOB CANDIDATE, about how they are perceived in general. Clients GIVE valuable feedback. Candidates WANT a job, money, security, nice coworkers etc. This means they TAKE, TAKE and TAKE from companies. Thus, employers RISK a lot by receiving you in a meeting if you let them think you are a job candidate. Make it easy for you and for them and go as a client because if you do your homework right, it will be true and you should use this asset to your advantage.

In my approach “How to get a Job without a Resume and Cover Letter – the Entrepreneurial way”, I explain in details how you can use your client experience to get a job on the spot. You will also find two detailed personal examples that got me job offers and were the result of “being client” experience. In these common situations I identified opportunities for improvement, come up with minimum solutions and present them to decision makers.

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