July 7, 2020 Find My iPhone Feature Allows iPhone Users to Track Their Device and More

Find My iPhone Feature Allows iPhone Users to Track Their Device and More

Have you recently lost your iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 and wished that there was a way to track it via the GPS feature on the device. Have you recently lost track your phone and wished you could play a sound to find it in your house or work? Have you ever wanted to remotely wipe or lock your phone because it got into the hands of someone who should not have access to your information? If you answered yes to any of the above, the following article will document how the new Find My iPhone feature will solve your problems.
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Since the launch of Mobile Me, Apple has struggled to gain the attention of iPhone users until now. Recently, Apple released the Find My iPhone addition to the Mobile Me software which allows users to complete a multiplicity of tasks on their device remotely from their desktop. With no purchase required (iPhone 3GS requires purchase of mobile me), the find my iPhone addition is sure to gain the eyes of most iPhone users.

The first groundbreaking feature of the Find My iPhone platform is the ability for users to log onto the mobile me interface on their desktop and remotely track their iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4. After logging onto the interface, Find my iPhone immediately begins to track the device. Should the device have run out of battery or be turned off, Find My iPhone will automatically show you the last location the device was tracked. Since Find My iPhone uses Google Maps integration, users will be able to track their device to within 30 feet of its actual location on the map.

The next feature Find My iPhone offers is the ability to send a remote message to the iPhone or play a remote sound. Users who lost their device and would like to incentivize its return (rather than play detective by tracking it down and risk the their/finder turning it off) can display a message on the iPhone with contact info. Should the device just be hiding in a coat pocket or under a bed sheet, the user can simply instruct the program to play a loud noise over the device in order to locate it in their house or place of work.

Finally, Find My iPhone allows a user with an iPhone containing sensitive information to remotely wipe or lock their phone with the touch of a button. Especially important for classified business emails and/or documents, the remote lock and/or wipe feature gives the owner an added sense of confidence that their device is free of any sensitive information.

The Find My iPhone feature is an essential tool that most have been wishing for since the invention of the cellular telephone. Continuing with their innovative mindset, Apple once again creates a revolutionary way to overcome one of life’s most bothersome hardships.

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